Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Body Wash for Men???
This is not acceptable.  "Men" do not use body wash.  I realize that male might, but there ain't no way a man would.

I climb into the shower this morning... ahhhh...  scalding hot water spit from the very depths of Hell itself.  I reach over to grab some soap and what do I find?  Suave Moisterizing Body Wash.  Cucumber Melon, if I read the bottle correctly.   Next bottle...  Old Spice Body Wash for men... in "Mountain Rush".... whatever the hell that is...  Oh.. and let's not forget Aroma Therapy Softsoap.  I don't care if it says "for men" on it or not.  When I think 'mountain rush', clean ain't what comes to mind!  Besides, I could scrub all day with that crap and it wouldn't come close to gettin' the oil and grease off.  Not to mention that I'd come out of the shower smellin' like a french whore.

I had to walk butt nekkid back to my room just to fetch a damned bar of soap! 

You want soap for men?  It's that white stuff that comes in a jar...  sold at truck stops and autozone.  Look carefully on the label and you'll notice the stuff can be used as oven-cleaner.  That's soap for men dammit!

All these issues with the shower wouldn't be so bad if I was stayin at a chick's place.  Sadly....  this is my parents home, and the only person that uses that shower is my brother.

The same brother who one told us he had some beer in his trunk...   only to produce wine coolers.

my brother's a fag...  That's not good.


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