Friday, July 30, 2004

From the Comments:

RJK writes: Robert Smith saved the world!
Do what?  How exactly did Robert Smith save the world?  Is it possible to rescue the vast population of man by donning make-up and whining about what clearly was a debilitating case of viginaitis?  Does all mankind owe its survival to this meloncholy transvestite, and his droning self-loathing?

Please.   The only thing art-fags could ever cure the world of is masculinity.  How exactly does one like Smith save the world?  By whining about how sad he is, and how he doesn't fit in?  I'd love to smack him up side his girly little head.  Wake up you moron.  No one owes you acceptence.  You can dress like a freak if you want, but don't piss and moan to me about no one accepting you.  It's your choice.  And don't give me any of this crap about expressing yourself either.  It's not my fault that you never grew out of the "I have to be different, just like all my friends" phase. 

Sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to appreciate the psuedo-intellectualism of bands like the Cure and Radiohead.  I mean, at parties I could sit and discuss thier genius with everyone while we sipped manhattans.  But then I realize... I could do that...  Or I could just stay home and lick the cat's ass.  Same thing.

Saved the world?  I feel pretty secure in saying that the world would be better off without anyone pathetic enough to be saved by this type of self-indulgence.  The Trenchcoat Mafia may as well of had "The Cure Fans" stapled to their foreheads.

I wonder how much better Smith's music might have been if someone would've just beat the hell out of him when he was about13.


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