Sunday, July 04, 2004

Good Blood

If ya look down at the bold name you'll see my kin Bill Hammers. I know all y'all can shoot, and y'all's kinfolk are all the best rifle-hands to be found anywhere. But ummm.. Well... My kin's on the US Rifle Team. Guess that means JAC and I come by it honest eh? I don't mean to sound to proud... but if a man can't crow about his kin makin' the US Rifle Team... just want the hell can a man crow about?

The 2005 US Rifle Team:

Team Captain - Larry Bartholome, Texas

Vice Captain - Bob Crone, Virginia

Adjutant - Walter Stroman, Georgia

Central Coach - Bob Jones, Arizona

Coach - GySgt Carlos Hathcock, USMC, Virginia

Coach - Sgt Emil Praslick, USA, Georgia

Coach - Bob Mead, Iowa


- Shawn Ahrens, Texas

- Eric Bair, Ohio

- Bob Bock, New York

- John Brewer, Mississippi

- J.J. Conway, Texas

- Jon Cowee, Wyoming

- John Dink, New Mexico

- Bill Hammers, Michigan

- Andrew McCourt, New Mexico

- Jim Murphy, Kentucky

- Emil Praslick, New York

- Skip Talbot, Nevada

- Alan Warner, New Hampshire

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