Thursday, July 22, 2004

Plannin' the Trip:  Equipment Check
We've got all sorts of 500 mile, and 1000 mile points checked just in case, but we're dead set on headin' to Grand Canyon Village.  From Murfreesboro the round trip is gonna be around 3300 miles.  Bill suggested I post an equipment list for y'all ta pick apart...  suggestions are welcome, but please remember that I have 2 small saddlebags.  Anything else has to be bungeed to the backseat.  Like my wife says...  Size matters.

Camel back Hydration System
Summer bike jacket
Summer bike pants
Full Face/Open Face Helmet
First Aid kit
2 MRE's
Taurus PT-101 with 20 rounds
MP3 player (extra batteries)
clean drawers
clean socks
tool kit
Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapon
hygene bag (toothbrush, deoderant and such)
Bike to Bike communications (JAC's department)
Small maglite
Cell Phone
Radar Detector

This list will be adjusted several times before we leave.  Fire away.

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