Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I don't like this.

Y'all... I miss Jeb.  I ain't diggin' this at all. 

I find myself checkin' the fridge to see what I need to fix for him, and when I hear the house settle I think, "Cool!  Jeb's wakin' up!".  This mornin' at about 6 I almost shot the dogs for barkin', cause I was convinced they were gonna wake him up.

None of this would be bad mind you, if Jeb wasn't in Georgia.

I've tried not to blog much this week, because I knew I'd just end up writing stuff like this, and well... I've got a reputation to maintain.  Nobody wants to hear a daddy whine.  I've just been keeping myself busy gettin' ready for the trip.

I'm taking a dry run today.  I'm packing up all my gear and headin' out for a couple hours to test it all out.  Maybe I can work some kinks out here and there to save some headaches next week.

I'll let ya know how it goes.  Can't believe no one took me up on that beer...  Well...  Nashville let me down...  How about the Knoxville kids?  Eddie?  RJK?  y'all wanna throw one back?

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