Thursday, July 15, 2004

And now for something completely different

Ok things have gotten a bit dark around the blog and I figger it's time to lighten them up a bit.

So this mornin' I was sittin' on the front porch swing, watchin' Jeb play. I know I know... It's a tough life. Anyway... He has this slide that he likes to climb up and slide down. Which is pretty much what you do with slides...

Well it's not designed very well. In fact, it looks like someone sat down and attempted to build a slide that was insure as many kids fell off of it as possible. Suprisingly though, Jeb has tought himself to negotiate the cursed thing, and has never fallen off it.

So I'm watching him... always assuming he's about to fall, and always suprised when he doesn't... until well... he did.

He had climbed up the ladder, and was sitting on one of his feet. When he tried to get his foot out from under him, he just fell off the back.

Now this things only a coule feet tall, but I still shat myself. Jeb landed flat on his back, and I, after diving to try to catch him, landed flat on my face. I scrabled up to check him, and I find him yelling. Not crying. Pissed off, red faced yellin'. He stood up and kicked the crap out of the slide. Started hittin' hit with both hands. Then he grabs it, and starts pushing it arcoss the porch! I mean the boy just got pissed off and kicked this poor slide's ass!

The apple don't fall far from the tree y'all. That's a fact.

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