Thursday, July 01, 2004

A View From The Mainline.

I have a family of extremes. My dad's family is extreme Catholic, so I'm going to Hell because I don't confess. My mother's family is Extreme Southern Baptist. So I'm going to Hell because I was sprinkled instead of dunked. My father-in-law's family is Extreme Church of Christ. So I'm going to Hell because we have an organ in our Church. The woman who gave birth to my wife is Extreme Charasmatic. Which of course, means no one is going to hell at all.

You know what I get from all of these people? All they care about are their customs. They are far more interested in seeing that their customs are spread than spreading the word about Christ.

Of all of them... I have the biggest problem with the Charasmatics. Of course... after the incident at Good Sheppard, and my experiences with the woman who gave birth to my wife, can you blame me?

Their Jesus = Dr Phill mentality just kills me. I hear things like, "Jesus was hated because he loved the world so much" and I want just walk away. It's Christianity for the Oprah Audiance, with some voodoo thrown in for spice.

Maybe it's a colored view... but for now... I'll take a fire and brimstone evangelist over a flag-waving, peace and love hippy anyday. The Hippies are way more self-absorbed, and way more judgemental, and way more elitist.

Charasmatics are doing their dead-level best to prove Marx right. They treat religion like cocaine. They get high on it, first by small doses, but as they build up a tolerence, they require more and more. It's not enough to just dance, now they have to wave a flag. Now a few months later they can't just wave a flag, they have to speak in tongues, and before you know it, they are taking trips to Heaven and offering Prophecy.

Hey.. if that's how you get your kicks... that's cool. Wave your flags and have your fun. You are who you are, and that's ok with me. Just don't be tryin' to tell me that you have more faith than I do, or that the Holy Spirit is more alive in you than me. There is such a thing as reverence, self control, and respect.

Some may dance and celebrate at the feet of the King. I prefer to kneel.

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