Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Grand Ole Opry

I apologize. I was axed if I had ever been to the Opry on another thread and I totally blew off the quextion. Durn. My bad.

In fact, not only have I been to the Opry, I've been backstage a few times. It just so happens that I used to date this uber-hot little kitten, who just happened to be the Grand-daughter of an Opry star. You better be old school to remember him though. Billy Grammer.

Anyway, I've met Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins (that should be a date stamp), and several other legend types.

I'll tell ya a secret... The real playin' don't happen on stage. Chet and the boys loved to have guitar battles in the dressing rooms. One night there were like 8 guys in there goin' off. Up until that night I thought no one in country music could play... Man I was stupid back then.

I was smart enough to know I was doin' something special whan I shook Minnie's hand though.

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