Friday, July 16, 2004

New Mommy Advice
Folks, if you're pregnant, gonna be pregnant or just know you want kids one day, please let me offer you this one bit of wisdom.  Babies aren't any different today than they were 20, 40, or 100 years ago.  Go to your grandmother or some other old lady, and talk to her at length about how she raised her babies.  The best thing is to find a woman who had a big family.  You may need to talk to several old women and gain a consensus.  What ever they agree on, write it down as gospel and do it.
Also, stop reading mommy magazines.  All they will do is make your life miserable.  You and your siblings turned out fine without the wonderful knowledge within them, and your kid will too.  You don't want to raise your kid the "new" way.  By definition, the "new" way is unproven.  Ignore anything the doctor tells you that begins with the phrase, "studies have recently shown".
When it comes to babies old women, as a group, know everything.

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