Monday, July 19, 2004

The Trip
So August 1 JAC and I are leavin' Murfreesboro, TN bright and early.   We're headin' north to I-40, then we're takin a left.  Over the next 24 hours, we plan on covering at least 1000 miles.  After that's accomplished we're just gonna play.  We've always wanted to ride out west, and this looks like our first real chance.  For now, the plan is to head to the Grand Canyon.  We plan on bustin' our asses to get out there, and then takin our time and playin all the way back.
Of course all of this is subject to change.  We may get as far west as Memphis and decide to turn south to Nawlin's...  maybe ride the gulf coast. 
That's the beauty of two guys headin' off on bikes.  We got no where to be, and no time to be there. 
That's trouble kids!

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