Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Colon Powell

oh? What's that? It's spelled with an "i"? Hrmm.. judging by the crap he's spouting lately I'd beg to differ. Colon on the Tsunami Aid:

"This money is an investment in America's national security."

Such blatant ignorance is rarely so proudly displayed. I mean... Marx wanted to prove his idiocy to the world... so he wrote a book... Colon just decided to make an announcement. That's the benefit of TV right there!

Let me follow this logic... we give the muslims some money... and they suddenly start to like us.

Wait wait... I've seen this episode before! It's the one where they sucker the Americans, take the money, and use it to fund countless attacks on American troops and civilians!

Even now countless terrorist organizations are masquarading as charities all over the world, and rest assured, they will recieve millions of dollars.

Girls and boys, we're fixing to lose every inch of financial ground we gained, and then some. Thanks Colon.

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