Friday, January 21, 2005

Light 'em Up Baby!

It's Friday at 8:00. Jeb's in the bed... and ya know what that means? That's right.... It's time for Mr Bourbon to come out for a.... little visit. I aim to finish my woodford's and my Old Forrester... and if I am still up and able... I'll polish off the Maker's Mark too... After all... a man wants to keep his liquor cabnit balanced!

I wish y'all could see my Vice Cabnit... It's actually an antique china cabnit from my wife's grand mother... There's some irony... as the woman was a "good Church of Christ woman". Inequity in any form was not tolerated.

I smile now as I think of it... her nice china cabnit... now prominately displaying my bourbon, cigars, and pipes. It's all very classy to tell you the truth. If I ever get the picture thing going... I'll post a pic. The more I think of it... the interior of my house looks exactly like you think it would. Bourbon prominantly displayed... and The South Was Right sitting on the coffee table.

Friday posting rules apply. Whatcha drinkin'... oh.. and for tonight... who're ya drinkin' with? Me? Hehe.. I drink alone.

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