Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Damned Snake: Part II

I suppose at least some of you have to be wondering if that post on the morality of women was just mental masturbation. Nothing more than my typing for the sheer pleasure of reading my own words.

It was not.

I tell you that... to tell you this.

Repair starts with us. It is our responsibility. Adam did not stand up to the snake. Adam did not defend Eve, or his Lord, or Himself.Men have failed their women, and their God time and time and time again. Frankly, its high time we stop failing.

Its time for the men of the world to step up to the plate.

I'm not talking about Pie in the Sky hopes of Heaven on Earth. But there are certain battles we can pick, and win. The Abomination of Abortion must be ended. It will not be done by women. It will be done by us. We dropped the ball in the first place. Its up to us to pick it up.

And yes... I am aware that there are those out there who would claim that we didn't drop the ball. Who would claim that the women in fact took the ball from us and threw it.

To you I say...

What kinda sissy lets a little girl take his ball? Now stop whining and go get it.

Its popular for folks to talk about the world they are leaving for their kids, and the work they feel we should do now, so that our kids don't have too.

There is a flip side to that... a truism to its sillyness...

Our Fathers, and Grandfathers, and Great-Grandfathers failed miserably. They took the easy road. They stuck there heads in the sand.

We are the children who have been left this work. We can stand up, and start doing it, and or we continue down the easy road. Ask any Freeclimber... Going up takes a great deal more effort than going down. The trouble with going down, is the ending.

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