Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Rules

I can only imagine that the women who thought these "Rules" up were actually conspiring to make sure that the younger generation remained single. Hailed as brilliant advice, most of this ridiculous twaddle is easily reducible to a childish game of hard to get. Times have changed. It's not 1940 anymore. We don't have to do the chasing, and when we choose to, we certainly don't have to try very hard... if we find ourselves trying to hard, we tend to go find someone who is more appreciative. Let me give some examples:

Only respond to 1 of every 4 emails you recieve in an office relationship: See? It's hard to get... like we stumbled back into the 8th grade. Praise God I never had to deal with this sort of thing, but if I had, I would've blown the chick off after she didn't respond to the second email.

In a long-distance relationship, he should visit you three times before you visit him once: That's funny... whatever happened to meeting in the middle? Julie and I started out as a long distance relationship. I visited her almost exclusively... of course... she was in highschool at the time... Once she left home, we'd meet in the middle, and eventually she transfered to my college. Scandalous!

Rules girls don't date for more than two years: Hrmm... Julie and I dated for ummm... 5 years. JAC and his wife dated for ummm... a decade.

Enough of that... stuff like this makes me want to choke someone. This "don't ask him out" drives me insane. Julie asked me to her prom for crying out loud. And what's this "if he doesn't call by wednesday, you don't go out on saturday" crap?

What idiot thought this garbage up?

Girls: If you own this book, burn it. Tear each page out one by one and set the ablaze. Make sure you don't miss a single page lest you be infected with it's loathsome stupidity. Any decent man that encounters a woman employing this type of manipulation will simply ignore her and move on.

Lets be very clear on something... if we call you, and leave a message, and you don't call us back... that's it. The assumption is, you ain't interested. If you were, you woulda called back. Dig? Y'all changed the rules, not us. Don't blame us for your strategical blunders.

There are predatory men out there. However, you're not 15 anymore. You should be able to see them from a mile away. You shouldn't need a book to keep you from them. The fact is, there are a lot of good guys out there who will not approach you unless you first give them a reason too, and once they do approach you, it will be very subtle. This in no way reflects how serious they are. It just shows them to be amatuers at this sort of deal, or shy.

These rules would have you ignore an entire segment of the non-predator male population, from which many fine husbands come. Foolish. Foolish. Foolish.

In case you're wondering what on earth I'm doing writing about this... I saw it mentioned on the blog of a particular female that I really think a lot of. Hopefully she'll steer clear of such silliness.

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