Sunday, January 16, 2005


Today Dixie's puppies were born! 6 beautiful black labs. It's strange... Cas is chocolate... Dixie is yellow... and all of there puppies.... three litters.... every one... has been black. Recessive genes eh?

Anyway... If any of you know someone looking for a no-shit honest to goodest prettiest lab you've ever seen... and I mean these dogs should be on calendars... let me know. In a couple days I'll have the puppy page up complete with pictures of Cas and Dixie, this litter, and previous litters... I'll probly even put up a could testimonials from previous buyers.

The females are gonna be around 60-80 pounds. The males will be 90 -110. They come from the Bodacious line. That's a famous field line if ya don't know.


Ummm... Make that 7. 4 pretty little girls. 3 big boys.

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