Friday, January 14, 2005


Well... I know I have a long tradition of Friday Drinkin' Posts... but this week we have more of a reason than usual. See... Kristy called early in the week. We had worked out some plans and she was gonna drive up tonight and spend the three day weekend with us. We got our hopes up... and... well.. let's just say we're gettin' used to disappointment. Kristy IM'd me today and said something came up and she was gonna have to work on Sunday. Does that suck or what? I can't imagine workin' at a job where you plan on having time off, only to lose it at the last second? I couldn't do it. I'd tell them to kiss my ass.

Guess that's why I never had a job like that huh?

Ah well... Sorry ya missed us Kristy. Julie was really lookin' forward to it... and obviously me and Jeb were too. Maybe next time.

Standard Friday night rules apply.

Woodford Reserve. Straight.

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