Monday, January 03, 2005

The Wisdom of a Child

While that title probably has you thinking I'm about to spit off some bleeding heart tale... I'm hoping that by now you know better.

As I've said before, one of the great mistakes men make as they age, is they forget what's cool. As teenage hormones ravage our bodies, most of us start to associate what's cool, with whatever we think chicks like.

There's a few bad issues with thinkin' that way... First of all, in most cases chicks don't even know what they really like, and when they do know, they certainly never admit it.

Let me clue you in on what chicks really like; they like guys. They like guys who look like guys, and do guy stuff.

So... you want to know if a vehicle is cool? Don't ask a chick if she digs it. Go find a 5 year old boy. If he thinks its cool, you can rest assured every male alive will also think it's cool, and therefore, chicks will too, even if they don't admit it. But a 5-year old? HA! Show him a big red pickup truck with shiney wheels and big tires. Hell.. even a 2 year old. He'll point to it excitedly. "Big Truck! "Big Truck!" Show the same kid a Honda civic. He won't give a damn.

I was walkin' to the truck from Walmart the other day, and I crossed paths with this sissy lookin' dad. His 3 or 4 year old son was walkin' next to him holding his hand. Now here was daddy... lookin' like he's fresh from the golf course... (sissy) and I come walkin' by.

I hear:

"Daddy! look! It's a Cowboy!"

and to top it off.. As I climbed into the Titan...

"Cowboys drive big trucks!"

You can imagine Nate beeming with pride. Hell... I'm sittin' hear laughin' just thinkin' about it.

Fact is back when we were kids, we knew a lot better what we wanted, and what was good than we did when we were 19 or 20. Back then, we all wanted to be a fireman, or a farmer, or an Engineer. No... not a sissy suitwearing pencil pusher engineer. We wanted to be a Casey Jones engineer!

I always wanted to be a cowboy... or a pilot... I never really understood why I couldn't be both. Then I went to High School and College... turned stupid... Thankfully I found my way back. Here in about a year and half... I guess I'll have to give this flyin' stuff a try.

Then I'll know for sure. Of course... we may have to move to the coast... but thats ok too... Pirates are just as cool as Cowboys.

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