Thursday, January 06, 2005

Remember Andrea Yates?

Oh sure you do. She's the psycho that drowned her kids in Texas. First of all let me say that I am disappointed in the great state of Texas. I had assumed they had already cooked this well deserving fruitcake.

Turns out, that not only has she not been cooked, she apparently is appealing the case, and her appeals are doing quite well. Brilliant.

Can someone explain to me why they didn't just take this chick out back and shoot her in the head along with her equally insane husband? Are bullets that damned expensive? I've got a couple I'd donate ya know...

At any rate... don't fret. If you recall, they only tried her for three of the murders. If something gets scewed up they can always try her for the other two.

Oh yeah... and one more thing... What the hell is a prosecution witness doing talking about Law and Order on the stand? It's a TV show people!!! GAH!

It's people like this that inspired Texas to add an express lane to Death Row. Let's hope she finds her way to it.

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