Monday, January 24, 2005


The current administration would have us believe that all men long for freedom. This simply isn't true. Men seek security. They seek rules, and ritual, and regulation. They seek these rules and regulations not to keep them from harm, or to prevent them from harming others, but to allow them to feel secure in the decisions they make.

Is 60mph to fast for this road? Well.... the speed limit is 65... So I'm ok.

Is it ok to park on the street? It is ok, because I have a permit!

Is it ok to carry a gun? It is! I have a permit!

Is it ok to travel outside my country? It is! I have a passport!

Laugh all you want, but most people cannot make decisions without the security a framework of guidelines and rules provides. This is why people cannot think outside the box. Because its the box that allows them to think.

Outside the box, people freeze. They wildly search for someone to build them a new box... and all to often, Evil is there to provide exactly that. Think I am mistook? Experiment. Tell someone he can do anything he wants... or go anywhere he wants... no rules. Watch... and see the panic.

We see this as well, in our children. They need guidlines to aid their decision making. The purpose of classic education was to defeat this, and open the child to new ideas and creative thinking.

The world has abandoned this process. Increasingly children's creative thinking is funnelled into useless endevours where it flounders... safely removed from the rest of the world. Sheep are created from humans.

Or perhaps its actually backwards. Perhaps its the classical education that was developed to make humans from sheep... and now we're just returning to our natural state of bootlicking euphoria.

Our pained experiments with spreading democracy... which should never be confused with spreading freedom... are doomed even still. They are doomed by the image democracy itself projects...

While democracy is nothing more benevolent than two wolves and a sheep about to vote on what's for dinner, it brings with it all the insecurities associated with freedom. Those insecurities... who will lead us? What will happen to us?

That is the crux of the matter.

The majority thinks only of what will happen... The minority thinks only of what must be done.

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