Sunday, January 09, 2005

Yankees Cain't Shoot

So I'm minding my own bidness tonight when I get a frantic call from JAC. Apparently he was off at some resturant and got a teaser from some hit piece that either 20/20 or 60 minutes was doing on the big .50 BMG.

I watched... mostly out of morbid curiousity... I love seeing the media demonstrate their ignorance.

Imagine my joy when they show footage of a shooting range! Excellent! Apparently the Chief of Police in NYC is a gun grabber... go figure... and he doesn't like the .50. Well he likes it... as long as its his boys firing it.

To demonstrate the power of this weapon... they set 2 half-inch steel targets 300 yards out. 300 yards? For a .50? Are you kiddin'?

But hold on... it gets better! They have a swat team sniper from NYC at the range to aid with the demo. Excellent.

So he first fires three rounds from his "Thirty-caliber" rifle. .308? 300 win. mag? We aren't told. But I digress... So our "elite" yankee "sniper" jerks the trigger like some rookie kid playin' Wild Bill... and at just 300 yards, manages to produce an utterly pathetic 6 inch group. This is a professional?

Oh wait.. it gets better...

So now we move to the .50.... and with this super deadly weapon... he shoots 3 shots... that are about 2 feet apart.


At 2000 yards that wouldn't even be acceptable!

Of course the whole point was to terrify sheeple about the big bad .50 BMG. They even insinuated you could shoot planes out of the sky with it.

Of course... I don't know how this could be possible... when the gun obviously isn't accurate at all.

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