Monday, January 03, 2005

Glass Children

Do any of you remember riding wearin' a helmet while you rode your bicycle? No? How about while skating? No? Do you have fond memories of riding around in your parents car while strapped in to a safety seat with a 5-point harness? Me neither.

Strangely... we survived.

Weren't people stupid back then? See how much smarter we are today? We're so smart.

Oh sure... our kids are growing up to be little psychopaths... they can't read, or write, much less think criticly... they are educated and babysat by Mr TV and Mrs Gameboy... They go to schools more interested in fostering atheism, humanism, and bi-sexuality than reading, writing, and arithmatic... they go to churches that preach inclusion and tolerance rather than the word of God...

Our children are raised in a Culture of Darkness.... Ahh... but it's a very safe Culture of Darkness.

They'll teach your 4 - year - old about lesbianism... but By God don't let them catch your 3-year-old on a rocking horse.

Don't you know those things are dangerous?

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