Saturday, January 22, 2005

Winter Hell

So much for our snow. Instead we've been granted the most damnable weather in all the world. Somehow, it's 25 degrees.... and raining?

Can ya explain that to me? Yeah.. anyone wanna think about what this is gonna be like in a few hours?

Which leads me to...

I've noted some snickering from the peanut-gallery about the trouble down in North Carolina. Hyuck Hyuck Hyuck.. look at those dumb southerners... can't drive on an inch of snow.

I also note that such an attitude is common among those who've never lived in the mid-south.

Let me clear some things up. We absolutely can drive on snow. Unfortunately we don't get snow. We get what Morgantown is about to have. We get ice. Everywhere. Coating everything.

You're driving on wet roads one minute... and literally seconds later... you're on ice. Flash Freeze. Death trap.

West Virginia is far colder than Nashville, but the driving conditions in Nashville are much worse. Before the salt trucks come out in Morgantown, I drive around just fine. You don't dare go out in Nashville... why? Because driving in snow ain't a big deal.

Driving on ice is.

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