Sunday, January 23, 2005

They Do Learn Quick

I've said before... Jeb doesn't watch a lot of TV. I'm sure that's no suprise. Mostly he's just not interested. There are other things to play with, including Daddy.

This morning though he brought me his Clifford DVD. Fair enough. He wanted to watch, I didn't mind. So I set it up and got it going... and I figured I'd take the opportunity to clean up a little.

15 minutes or so go by and as I'm walkin' past the door to the living room I hear Dora. Now that ain't right. I put in Clifford.

So I walk in, and find Jeb watching his Dora DVD, and the Clifford DVD is sitting on the case of DVDs!

Maybe it's me... but something is a little suprising about a 2 year old who can follow that many steps to get what he wants.

Hell... I've never shown him how to do it... and it took 3 months and 3 different lessons for my dad to learn how to use a DVD player!

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