Monday, January 10, 2005

The New Moon

All over the country sports figures are wringing their hands and talking about the integrity of the game... all over the Moon That Wasn't. Heaven forbid.

Unwad thy panties I say!

These same people talk in hushed tones of the great teams that came before... the 72 Dolphins... the 85 Bears...

Wait a second... The 85 Bears?

If any team is responsible for removing integrity from the game, it's them. Doubt it? Perhaps you should dust off a copy of the Superbowl Shuffle and see for yourself. Oh... and while we're talking about moons... If I recall, the week before the 85 Superbowl... there was a hubub about McMahon's back... and some rumored accupuncture... Jim of course knew all this. He was eating it up. Reporters had even procured a helicopter to try to get a look at him during practice.

Jim McMahon mooned that copter. Not a Faux moon. The real deal. Knowing Jim, he probably even spread his cheeks and winked.

Football is a game of characters. Guys of today like T.O. and Randy Moss are no different than Jim McMahon. The NFL has been taking itself way to seriously the last decade or so, and it needs to get past it.

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