Saturday, January 22, 2005

Women, Civilization, Duty, Honor, and that Damned Snake

I'm known to occasionally drop a bomb in a comment section, just to see the reaction. Sometimes its done in the noble name of chain jerking, but usually there is a different goal. I like to use that tactic to test the waters. I like to see who I'm going to be up against and what the prevelant arguements are before I post. Less strategery, more tactics. You know... sort of the opposite of Dubya.

So what did I learn? Well... first off, this is the second time I've dropped this particular bomb and each time I've caught Spacebunny's attention... and while that is never a bad thing... it certainly is a red flag. We don't take on SB lightly. No no... we carefully line up our ducks before wading into such a battle.

Well... it's about time get to the point ain't it?

Now... to insure that we don't end up with a large group of pretty silk panties wadded up, and believe me, a man with a harem has to be worried about such things, let me first state that I do not believe that women are incapable of morality. I also believe that women are capable of duty, in the sense of "there is a job that must be done, so I will do it", they almost always recognize Honor immediatey when they see it, but are mostly unable to predict it.

What I am attempting to describe are tendencies. Women are more likely to be this way, men that way. I am not making blanket statements regarding all women or men. Dig?

So here it is... Women, as a group, have an under-developed sense of morality, compared to men. They have an over-developed sense of nice and not-nice, but because of the lack of moral clarity, it's disregarded at the drop of a purse.

Popular is the claim that women civilize men. As Spacebunny already noted, this will greatly depend on one's definition of "civilize". If you deem civilization to mean, "Being nice to each other", as Mr Webster (Yankee Bastard) does, then yes... women do in fact know a great deal about it. However, if you are refering to the law and order... moral center... right and wrong that hold society... civilization... together then women know approximatey nothing about it, as a group anyway.

Is abortion more popular among women.... or men?

Of course women will point out that men aren't the ones carrying the baby.... all good and well, except that men have a vested interest.... in the form of child support... in seeing that baby not born. Yet... men support abortion less. Why?

Simple. Abortion is a great example of Nice/Not Nice vs. Right/Wrong. Its not nice to require make a women suffer the consequences for her actions. It could change her whole life! It's not fair!

Civilization require order, and system. They do not require Nice. The vikings were without question a great civilization, as were the Aztecs. Neither could be considered nice.

Now on to modern times. Take a modern office, and populate with an all female staff. What's the result? I suspect anyone with even the slightest grip on reality will predict total cat-fight doom in a matter of months.

Now take the same office, and sprinkly in a man here and there. Bingo. Office now runs smoothly. Contrast this, with the proven fact that men function far more efficiently in groups devoid of women entirely. Who exactly is civilizing who here?

Don't buy it? There are American corporations that have written policies forbiding all female offices, one of which is World Finance. There are others as well. Now see what I'm getting at? Nice vs Not Nice, but... it's easily disregarded when the time comes, because the moral center is under-developed.

Why did the Snake go to Eve, and not Adam? Why did the KGB focus on the women of America, and not the men? Simple, because Communism, and Apples are Nice... and right or wrong never enter into it.

So is this to say that women aren't moral?

Hardy. DrWho is far to moral for my taste!

What I'm saying basicly boils down to: Women are less likely to have strongly held views of right and wrong than men. Their views are more often subject to change based on emotional circumstances. Women are far more easiy corrupted... and many need no corrupting at all. With them, right and wrong, is far more fluid than with men. Men violate the rules... perhaps even more often than women... the difference is, that the men who break the rules do so knowingly, while women will spout circumstances and make excuses... literally convincing themselves that what they did was "right". Again... this is not to say that men don't do the same... Women are just more likely. Remember... You are far more likey to find a man with a haunted conscience than a woman. In fact... I can't think of a single literary female characterized as such. Whenever we think of a brooding character, wracked with guilt... that character is always male.

I wonder why?

Now that I am deeply in trouble with my beloved harem... I'll leave you with this... There are many great moral women out there... and among them I would count the women reading this.

Honor, Duty, and Right and Wrong are male institutions. Ediquatte and Fairness; they are what women bring to the table.

And that boys and girls, is why men are head of the household. That we may execute things with a clear moral vision, while being tempered with the fairness, and niceness of female input.

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