Friday, January 21, 2005

"Male" Movements

You've seen them. You may even know someone who's involved in one of them. Promise Keepers.... Primitivism... or the more recent "Wild at Heart" movement. Clearly middle-aged men are searching for something. Depression is rampant among them... and how could it not be? While guys like JAC and I will get a good laugh at the expense of the poor saps that involve themselves in this sort of thing... Lets take a second to look at some of these movements...

Promise Keepers: This is by far my favorite. A bunch of guys get together in some city or another, and hang with other guys... who don't beat their wives. Do what? You actually need a support group to keep you from slappin' the old lady around? I mean... granted... maybe you married poorly. Heaven knows if I had married Barbara Boxer no support group in the world could keep me from slappin' her silly on a daily basis. A guy I worked with in Memphis belonged to Promise Keepers... I used to harass him about it all the time. I loved nudge him and ask... "So... you go off for the weekend retreat at these different cities... you know... sounds like an excellent alibi for an affair to me."

Wild at Heart: I've not read the book. I doubt seriously one has to read it to know what it's about. WND had a bit on it today. The thing that struck me about this... is some women react to it. Women will hear of a movement like this... and the first thing they think is, "How does this affect me?" That's sort of funny isn't it... considering it's not a women's movement?

Even the author of Wild at Heart acknowledges that the movement's effect on women will ultimately determine its success... I see...

So... you create something to help men... but its only a success if women like it.

Perhaps middle-aged men wouldn't be so depressed, if women weren't so self-absorbed.

Oh... and any of you guys out there searching for something? Buy a motorcycle.

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