Friday, April 23, 2004

College or Sweat?

One of my aunt's sent me a card when I graduated from highschool, and at the bottom it said, "So what's it gonna be? College or Sweat?"

As long as I can remember I have prefered hard physical labor, to tedious mental labor. In any occupation, you must surrender either your mind, or your body to your work. Personally, I have always prefered to submit my body to work, while I occupy my mind as I see fit. Doing so keeps my body in shape, and my mind sharp. Sitting at a desk, filling out useless reports and metrics eats away at both the mind and the body.

Ahh. but what of the challenging mental work like design? Fine. You solve puzzels for a living. I'm sure it's fun. But they are not puzzels of your choosing. You're body is occupied, and so is your mind. You are not free to think and ponder as you wish.

Do you ever wonder why truck drivers are opinionated? It's because they have had time to think about things, and form opinions.

You can have your fancy job, and your "I'm smart, look at me" title. I'll prefer to have my mind to myself, to use as I see fit. I have little use for titles anyway.

I'll take the sweat thanks.

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