Monday, April 26, 2004

Nate's Dating Service: Episode 1

Thanks for tuning in and welcome. I'm Nate and this is my show dammit. I'm going to do an episode whenever I have available womens to report on. Comment and catcalls are more than welcome. Questions are welcome as well via email or the comments. The girls both check the blog, so you can talk to them there if you'd prefer. If you are married and know some good male types feel free to foward info to me. I can be trusted. I'm the host remember?

Two lucky contestants today boys.

1) Joy Lots of stuff posted about this girl. My sister-in-law to be exact. Strong christian girl looking for a guy who likes to get backrubs. Quirky sense of humor. She's a cutie. Teaches ESL, and has apsirations about maybe spending some time in South America. Joy loves camping and the outdoors, and she's always good for a laugh. Joy is 24, and lives in Chattanooga

2) Kristy Kristy is one of my best friends. It's highly unlikely that you'll be disappointed in the looks department here. The girl loves to cook, and loves dogs. Kristy likes her space though, so if you are the ultra clingy type... Move on. What else can you say about a girl who ran linux off of her home PC and can probly kick your ass at Tekken II? Kristy is 25 and lives in Knoxville.

I will personally vouch for these two girls. Both will make excellent wives. This is not a competition for the girls now. I love both and will not stand for anyone doing anything to embarrass either of them.

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