Tuesday, April 27, 2004

More TTU fun

It's been to long since I spun a yarn, so I figured it was time. Enjoy.

Everyone who's been to college knows that jokes are just par for the course. Well what I'm gonna tell you today is one of the best jokes I've been a part of.. I mean.. witnessed.

The two guys who lived in the dorm room next to me were highschool buddies of mine named Brian and Jim. Now these guys were good Church boys. Both graduated high school and Brian and Jim were prone to lecturing the boys on the hall about why porn was stupid.

Looking back on it, that was unwise.

Like any truely great practical joke, several elements had to come together to make it work. This was no different.

A friend of one of the boys down the hall was coming in for the weekend. This guy could get his own topic to himself. Truely a walking posterboy for profilactics. The guy was a 20 year old virgin, who had the most astounding collection of porn media I have ever come across. Insane. Both in print, and in video, it was truely dumbfounding. We called him the P-Troll.

Coincidentally Brian and Jim were leaving on this particular weekend.

That's when the plan came together. Through somewhat dishonest means one of us aquired a key to Brian and Jim's room, and then we set to work. 8 of us worked for almost an entrie weekend. And I have to say, when we were finished... I looked upon our work, and I was proud.

Brian and Jim got back at about 8pm on sunday evening. They opened the door to their dorm room and just stood there in shock. Their room was covered, wall to wall, in hardcore porn magazine pictures. We're not talking Hustler here. I mean WAY worse than that. This was bad. It was everywhere. We had cut up over 100 hardcore porn mags, and pasted and taped the pictures all over the place. The room looked like it had been wallpapered by Ron Jeremy.

There was porn taped to the bottom of their keyboards. Porn inside their closets. Porn under their pillows. While they were furiously cleaning it up, Jim reached in to his refridgerator to get a coke, and pulled out a can wrapped in porn! Their miraclewhip bottle had porn on the inside of the lid! I mean we left nothing uncovered.

The next day, Jim was heading off to class. It was raining so he had an umbrella. He opened it, and all this porn folded down around him as the umbrella expanded! He was so pissed...

For months they would find porn hidden in their text books. They be thumbing through pages in class or in the library and... DOH!

2 years later I was looking through a Tech yearbook with Brian and his wife, when he suddenly slammed the book and left the room. He returned red faced and he and I just busted out laughing.

The girls never knew what it was about though.

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