Monday, April 19, 2004

First Gun

Our buddy Flannel Avenger is looking for his first gun. I believe its gonna be for concealed carry. I've already sent him my list of guns to check out, but I'll list it here for all to marvel at:

Economy guns:
Taurus Millenium: Comes in 9mm, 40, and 45. $325 to 400 depending.
Keltec P-40: No more than $285 is a good price. Simple, easy to conceal
CZ-100: Great firearm. Lots of cool features. Accurate. 9mm or .40. < $300

Budget Busters:
Khar: Lots of options here. Best triggers money can buy. Great guns.
Springfield XD: If you think you want a glock, buy this instead.
Walther P99: Maybe the most technologically advanced gun for under a grand. I lust for it.

Wheel Guns:
Taurus .357 total titanium: It has all the features of custom guns costing 3 times as much. You can fire .38 special rounds, or .357 rounds. It weighs less than a coke. It rocks. $450 or so.

Repeat after me: I will not buy a ruger auto. I will not buy a glock. I will not buy a single-action firearm until I have learned what I'm doing.

Ok boys. Your turn. Help our buddy out!

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