Monday, April 12, 2004

Stupid Bovines

I used to work for the anesthesia department of a hospital in West Virgina. I remember one day as I was walking up the stairs to work, I came upon a herd of 4 or 5 black girls. These were not little women mind you.

Now the trouble is these girls were standing in a tight cluster, blocking the double doors that I needed to pass through to get to my office. Another fella was also needing to get through. I tapped the girl closest to me on the shoulder and said, "Ma'am, pardon me, but I need to get by."

The girl slowly turned her head to look at me, then slowly turned her head back and continued gossiping, as if I was some insignificant annoyance.

I tapped again, "Ma'am. We need to get to work. Can you please let us through?"

She again turned, in the lazy, arrogant manner, and again turned back. Saying to her friends, "Can you believe this?" while pointing to me over her shoulder.

Now I was through being polite. So I leaned close and said very loudly,

"Maybe I need to speak in a language you bovines can understand! MOOOOOOOOOOOVE!"

At that they scattered. Shuffling about like startled cattle, knowing they need to move, but not understanding why.

We got through the door, the other guy looked over at me and promptly died laughing.

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