Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Elephants Suck

No other state demonstrates the utter bankruptcy of liberal thinking better than West Virginia. That includes the enema bag that is California. West Virginia has the 3rd highest per-capita tax liability in the nation, and the lowest total household income. Gee... I wonder why the economy sucks here?

The state of course is in a budget crisis because the idiot democrats, and I don't know why I bother clarifying the word 'democrat' with the word 'idiot' as by now it's been proven beyond all doubt that all democrats are in fact idiots by their very nature, have spent decades inventing problems and then convincing the public to let them attempt to solve them.

West Viginia is in the midst of the predictable budget crisis that results from such great stupidity. This "state" is electing it's governor soon and there is all the expected hub bub. The Democrats, or Morons if you will, are all promising to increase spending hither and yon on everything one can dream up, as morons are apt to do. The real problem though is with the Conservatives, The Elephants.

The Elephant boys are all running, and talking of raising taxes, in the name of fiscal responsibility. West Virginia has more BS programs than any state I've ever lived in, and consequently far higher taxes. It's a poor state with pathetic resources. So you expect Democrats to be stupid and talk about growing government, but Republicans now too?

Every Republican cantidate with a shot has mentioned raising taxes. Only one has talked about cutting programs, and they are only business hand-out type programs. No one has mentioned this "State's" addiction to wealth redistribution.

Vote for a Conservative? I'd love to. Just show me one.

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