Friday, April 30, 2004

A tale from the Legendary Shane Smith (VRWC)

For those of you who don't know, the Legendary Shane Smith is the co-founder of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. If you don't know exactly what that organization does... well... That's kind of the point. What sort of conspiracy would it be if every day folks like you knew abou it?

Shane, like me, is one of those folks who says what you wished you would've said.

One fine day Shane found himself on a stroll with his beautiful, inteligent, and wholesome wife Brooke. They were walking their puppy around Savanaha, and generally just enjoying the day.

They came upon a friendly, yet rotund, black woman who saw the puppy and said, "OH!!! What kinda dog that is?"

Recognizing this as Yoda-speak, Shane responded responded in kind,
"Cocker Spaniel that is. Eat much, it does not."

Its not widely known how common Yoda-speak is, but it is believed that Yoda-speakers find it offensive if you do not respect their customs, and respond in kind.

Never let it be said that the VRWC didn't do it's part to forward cultural understanding.

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