Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Kids and Firearms

There is a disturbing trend among women that has them forbiding firearms in their homes. I'm hearing more and more of this. This is typical female reasoning. They figger if they ignore guns, that guns will suddenly siese to exist throught out the rest of the world.

Worse still are the legal aspects of these female fears. All it takes is a story about a kid shooting himself, and damned near every woman in America will piss themselves and start talking about new laws.

So what to do?

Despite what your wife might think, the keeping your kids away from guns, is about the worst thing you can do. Let me relate a personal story, but one that is repeated every day all over America:

My sister-in-law was having a birthday party in a cabin with many of her friends. Some of the kids were up in the loft talking and playing games. A 16 year old boy found a sawed-off shotgun, that no one, including the cabin owner had ever seen before. The kid pointed the gun at my sister-in-law and pulled the trigger. He didn't know if it was loaded or not. He later said it was the first time he'd ever even seen a real gun.

Well the gun was loaded, and the gun went bang. Now I don't know what made the former owner of that gun put a slug in a sawed off shotgun. It makes no sense. But thank God he did, because that slug hit the wall in between my sister-in-law and her mom, missing both by inches. If that had been buckshot, they'd both be dead.

Now of course, everyone will scream that the gun should've been locked up. Bullshit. A 16 year old boy should never have been that stupid. Locks and safes will never prevent a determined child from getting through them. Proper training will however, prevent them from shooting themselves, or someone else.

These kids that shoot themselves or someone else on accident, are the kids of parents who believe they are protecting their kids by keeping them away from the gun. W R O N G. You are only making the child more curious. When you say, "Guns are dangerous." it doesn't register with a child. However, when that same child sees that gun fire, feels that shock, hears that boom, and sees that pumpkin down range turn to mush, well then you can bet your butt it registers.

My brother has 2 daughters, 6 and 9. These two girls were raised around guns the right way. If one of them sees a gun that's not locked up, they won't touch it. They'll go get their dad and let him handle it. They have handled firearms, and the older has her own .22.

Women. Listen up. The only way... Let me repeat that... The only way to get your child to understand how violent, and how dangerous guns are, is to expose them to guns.

You can lock up your own guns, but you can never be sure that someone else locked up theirs. The only way to prevent your child from playing with a gun, is to make sure that the curiousity is gone, and instill some healthy fear and respect for the damage that guns can do.

3 is to early, and 6 is probly to late.

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