Monday, April 26, 2004

Those Who Will Not See

Here you will often find Christian War theology. Those of you who came from Vox's blog are well adjusted to this and have at least a tolken understanding of it. I see the world in a very similar way to Vox, and that largely explains my haunting his blog.

I ask you, who is more confused about the ways of our Lord than the Jew?

Reading over this page I am utter stunned at the complete stupidity. These fools actually believe that God was taking a corrective action by means of the Holocaust? This is just sickening.

God didn't cause the Holocaust. You can blame Hitler for being insane. You can blame the French for greedily destroying the German economy after ww1. But if you really want to look for someone to blame, then look to the true ruler of this world.

It's far more likely that Satan caused the Holocaust that God.

Psychologically people always want to blame God, because doing so allows them the hope that some mythical greater good was done. While this is nice and provides a warm fuzzy to one in need, it is hardly theologically sound. Who knew that even the Jews followed an omniderigent God.

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