Wednesday, April 21, 2004

UMC Update

After speaking at length with the Minister of my Church on the matter at hand I'm cautiously confident that the matter will be resolved to my satisfation. The Church leadership has been stirred up considerably about this matter, as one would hope. Every Bishop of every Conference has called mandatory meetings to go over the matters with the ministers in their charge. The crux of the matter is apparently a legal loophole that was exploited, which resulted in the verdict. This so called loop-hole is complete fiction. I quoted the Methodist Doctrine in the previous entry. Even those of you who have disdain for the UMC, probably find no fault with the language used in that section. It is clear, direct, and concise, but apparently someone found a way to manipulate it.

The Church does not have the authority to over turn the verdict. All they can do is not re-assign her, and that's what they are doing. Steps will be taken at the General Assembly at the end of the month to fix this loophole, and probably to re-organize the Pacific Northwest Conference. The Bishop of that Conference is apparently on the right side, and is up in arms about the matter, so we have that going for us.

No decisions yet, but I may remain a Methodist yet. I am hopeful.

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