Thursday, April 15, 2004

Contest Time

Ok. I've unfolded a few yarns, now it's your turn. Credit to my fellow VRNPF founder Resispa for this one though. Those who will, email me a freakish, bizarre, or otherwise entertaining story. Those containing un-PC asspects, violence against the French, or the brutal mocking of homosexual midgets will get my special affirmative action treatment. Any story that porports to be true, which contains all 3 aspects will be immediately declared the victor and the authors name will be immortalized in song. I will post the most amusing tales here at the blog, and I will think up some grand prize for the one deemed the best, most likely a case of moonpies.

So let's see'em boys and girls. write 'em up and email 'em. Somebody tell the White Buffalo. Between him and Spacebunny, we should come up with some GREAT dirt on Vox. And let's face it, finding someway to antagonize Vox is always key.

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