Monday, April 19, 2004

Nate's Library

I decided to put a list up of some representative authors and works that you'd find in my collection of books. Pretty bizzare group really. If I just list the author, it means that I have to many books to list.

Sci-fi/fantasy: Fred Saberhagen: The Berserker Novels. Roger Zelazny. Tolkien.

Modern: Neal Stephenson: The Crytonomicon. Stephen Hunter: Everything related to Bob the Nailer. Clancy. Stephen King: The Stand, The Last Gunfighter.

Western: L'Amour. Is there anyone else?

Classic: I have a collection of the 100 greatest works of all time. To many to list. But here are my favorites anyway. Faulkner. Hemingway. Conrad. JF Cooper. CS Lewis

Way more. Way way more.

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