Sunday, April 18, 2004

Male Insecurity

Ever notice that when women do something to make themselves feel feminine, it's celebrated? Now contrast that with your idea of a man doing something, just to make himself feel masculine. What's the difference? Men don't ride motorcycles, or forge steal, or shoot guns because they enjoy those things. They do that because they are not secure enough in their own manhood. They are proving themselves.

Smell that? We have a word for that in the South. We call that bullshit.

Real men have become so rare that society is convinced that they don't actually exist. Men are really just women with slightly different parts right? Wrong.

We like violence. We like to break things. We like to fix things. We like to use fire and hammers to melt and shape steal. We like jets, and guns, and sportscars, and motorcycles. We like combustion in general. We like power tools. We like welding torches. We like a challenge, but we like grabbing that challenge by the throat and choking the life out of it more.

Men have become so feminized in general that society has decided that it's the norm. There must be therefore something wrong with those of us who are still masculine. Wrong. There's nothing wrong with us. We aren't insecure. We're just men. Get the hell over it.

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