Monday, April 19, 2004


This particular doctor, not my wife, had this patient in the I.C.U. It was an old guy who just plain didn't have any hope. He was aware, but paralyzed, and just being sustained on life support. There was no question in any one's mind that the man was suffering terribly. Every day the doctor would speak to the man's wife, and explain that he should be put on comfort care only and allowed to go in peace. Everyday the woman said the same thing.

"My husband is a fighter."

This went on for months.

Finally one day the doctor was eating lunch at the cafeteria in the hospital when he realized he was seated near the man's wife. She was eating with a friend, and he could easily overhear their conversation.

He heard the man's wife say, "They keep asking me to let him die, but I just tell them he's a fighter. Hell. That son of a bitch beat me every day of our marriage. I've got him by the balls now, and I'm gonna make him pay."

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