Tuesday, April 20, 2004

First Firearm II

I thought I would take the time to organize our thoughts on this topic to make it easier for you cats to follow. I'll provide a little background on each person, and sumise his point as best I can. You can make your own decisions. Boys, if I get it wrong, I have faith that you'll let me know in the comments section.

Resispa: This cat knows his shit about just about everything you can think of. If you want to talk theologic method, or austrian economics, he can roll. He tends to be conservative on learning with a firearm, and there ain't nothing wrong with it. He suggests ya learn on a .22, because the weapon is so easy to shoot, and the economically friendly ammo is condusive to more range time.

Bane: When all the fightin' is about over in the Third American Revolution, I don't know who's gonna be left, but I am confident of one thing: Bane will be one of the last ones shootin'. This S.O.B. is just to damned mean to die by some boot lickin' stormtrooper. Bane's position is pretty much the opposite of Resispa's. He says, go buy a badass 1911, and practice with it till you master it.

Bill: This is one cagey old bastard. If you think you know where he's comin' from, you may consider looking the opposite way just in case. If he shoots like he posts, he may be the shoot first, ask questions later type, but that's ok with me anyway. Bill's got years of experience with all kinds of weapons. He says go for a Ruger wheel-gun in .357. You can practice with cheap .38 special rounds, and carry the big boy .357 mags out with you.

You saw my recomendations based on price in the post below this. I'll add to it this: If you like Resispa's plan, I say buy a weapon that allows the purchase of an conversion kit to .22. You can switch back and forth between .22 and the native caliber of the weapon in literally seconds. The conversion kits usually run $99.00, and the weapons that have this option tend to be in the $400.00 range.

If you pay attention though you'll notice something we all agree on. Get you but to the range. I recommend 100 rounds per week at a minimum.

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