Thursday, April 15, 2004

We love the Bobs

Resispa wants to talk about bug out bags (BoB) and well, I it's one of my favorite things to chit chat about too. Who am I to say no?

First of all I reckon a lot of you have no idea what a BoB is. It's a bag you stock and maintain, in case of an emergency. If something bad happens, you don't want to have to think. The best way to describe it is in terms of a disaster. You're sittin' around the house on a saturday, and all the sudden the news breaks in. The shit is going down in your town in say... 2 hours... Bomb, Meteor, Hillary Clinton book signing, you know, real wrath of God type stuff. What do you do? You have to get out, but what do you take? If you're like me and Resispa, you grab your BoB and hit the backroads out of dodge.

Ok.. So what do you need in a BoB? That's going to be different for everyone. It starts with your plan, and where you want to go, and how long it will take you to get there, or to get somewhere that you can safely live or at least resupply. For most of us, that's gonna be at least 48 hours. But I'm a freak, so I have more in mine. Everyone's BoB is different, and there is no right or wrong things but there are some basic things that everyone needs. So let's cover some of those, and then I'll list some of the fun stuff I have and why. I love this by the way. I love talkin' about BoB's and hearin' what other people put in theirs.

Anyway, on to the basics! I'll list each item, and beside it I'll put what is in my Bob.

1. Water (2 gallons, much purification equipment)
2. Food for meals (24 MRE's stored in truck, 6 in Bob)
3. Knife and multi-tool. Notice I said both. Not one or the other. (Kabar,leatherman wave)
4. Small hatchet.
5. Compass. GPS rocks, but never depend on it alone. Carry a compass too. (compass, and a GPS.)
6. Meat Gun. something light and compact to get a dear with. (savage model 99 .308)
7. Sidearm. (Taurus PT-101, Keltec P-40, Taurus Tracker .357)
8. Firstaid.
9. Toilet paper, girls' stuff, hygeine stuffs
10. Ammo. (40 rounds for each weapon)
11. Batteries
12. 2 flashlights
13. Shelter (2 room quick up tent)
14. Firestarters

Ok.. The boy wants to play. I'll write some more later. I'm sure res and the boys will pick up where I left off, and no doubt chastize me for not including their most-favored-cannot-be-without do dad.

I'll write more on this later.

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