Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Great Liberal Stupid

The idiocy and the hypocracy of the left truely are boundless.
That such statements could come from an organization on the left coast is not a suprise. In fact, nothing about this is suprising. But sometimes we have to look behind the curtain, to remind ourselves just how vile the left is.

This site posts the headline refers to Pat Tillman as a dumb jock, and the comments that follow are truely sick. Vitriol like this can only come from the left, or the Northeast. For some reason all of those comments read better if you think of a Boston or New York accent.

Funny... Tillman isn't a hero because of all the 'brown skinned" people he went to kill... But John Kerry is a hero because of all the "yellow skinned" people he killed.

Ask me again why I am a secessionist. It should be obvious to anyone who's looking by now. There is nothing worth staying for.

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