Monday, April 19, 2004

I can't think of a subject line

The incomparable Resispa offers: "Since you dont believe the Bible to be authoritative, whats your gripe with gay pastors? You don't have a rational reason to reject their theology because you've already agreed that the Bible lacks authority to interpret man's actions and pass judgment on behavior. Since you advocate a position that the Bible is incomplete, how do you know Christ didnt support a pro gay position?

Nate you need to make a decision either the Bible is 100% authoritative in everything, or its not. If it is, you are responsible to obey it, if not you can't gripe about other people rejecting it too."

Christ did not come to end the law my friend. He came to fulfill it. What was an abomination, remains an abomination still. Such things the Bible is clear on. Some things are up for debate. Some things are not. For example, Christ was resurrected. You cannot be a Christian and honestly debate that. On the other hand, you can be a Christian and debate the physical make up communion once it is devoured.

It's a simple concept my friends. I don't argue the basics. I argue the advanced theology. Once you know that as flawed beings we are incapable of understanding God, then you quickly realize that all theology boils down to little more than mental masturbation.

Saying that I must accept the Bible literally to gain credibility is silly.

As long as we agree that 1+1=2 then we can agree that we're talking about math, and we can then go on to discuss meta-physics.

Disagreeing over meta-physics, and disagreeing over addition are two very different things.

If someone wants to make a serious intellectual arguement about the Bible and Theology, I will hear them out. Just like I will about advanced math, but if we're talking math, and you start with 1+1=5 then you can rest assured that I have just stopped listening.

There has to be some basis for the argument. I've read the statements of the pro-gay crowd. They are utterly bankrupt.

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