Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Base Stupidity

Only in New York City would you find people who are so filled with idiocy that they could bring themselves to argue that it is immoral to charge money for food.

We should bill the families of these people for the cost of the bullets we use to shoot them.

This is what happens when you've never been exposed to anything but the asphalt jungle. You think plants just grow themselves and magically produce whatever food you need. No doubt they think the same food packages itself for you as well.

The problem of course is that these people have put no thought what-so-ever into their positions (a common liberal trait). Producing food is backbreaking labor. It takes millions of dollars in equipment and land, and countless hours of work. Farmers get no holidays.

If we don't sell food, how do the farmers earn a living? Or does your need alone entitle you to the fruits of their labor? That's really the key to the whole liberal mindset right? "This is needed, therefore you must provide it."

The US Government (Clinton) took the profit out of vaccines. Now we're all shocked when no one is producing vaccines. Duh.

These freegans would have us take the profit out of food. So we can all starve of course.

Hopefully these people will be there to cushion the blow when the next airliner is shot down over NYC.

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