Friday, October 15, 2004


What I'm fixing to write may very well bother you. To those on the Right side of the spectrum, there are simply some sacred cows that are beyond reproach. Today... I'm not eating steak... I'm not even necessarily slaughtering one... but I may be firing a head-shot.

A huge moment in any one's life is the day they stop letting people tell them what something says, and start reading for themselves. Indeed very few people ever reach that moment. For example they will read article after article, and book after book about the Constitution, but they will never read the document itself.

When you finally decide to sit down and read the document in its original form you realize that its written from a closed perspective. It doesn't list at all what the federal government can not do. It only lists what the federal government can do. It states clearly that anything not specifically listed, is strictly prohibited.

That is... Until you get to the Bill of Rights. Now we're talking about things the Government can't do.

We'll wait, where in the Constituiton is Congress granted the power to pass any law with respect to Religion? Where in the Constitution is Congress given the power to pass laws about guns? Or searches?

The answer is no where.

Ah.. but look how things change. The Bill of Rights changed the whole perspective of the Constitution. It stops being about what the government can do, and suddenly we're talkin about what it can not do.

That's a huge distinction. Let's face it, once you start making rules about what someone can't do, the assumption is they can do everything that's not specifically prohibited.

The Bill of Rights itself played a significant roll in the undoing of America. When it comes time to write another Constitution, we had better remember that.

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