Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why South America Sucks

Of course this is where we would normally call up our token liberal, and allow them to bleed all over us about the evils of corporate greed, and the exploitation of labor.

You'll be happy to know that our token liberal is out for his bi-weekly scourging (we're still hoping to beat some sense into him), so instead, you get to hear the real problem.

Listen carefully now... I'm only saying this once... typing.... I mean... dammit you know what I mean...

The real reason these people are poor is because they're stupid and lazy! You want proof? Fine. In a recent study 70% of all parents in Colombia reported that they felt that children did not need discipline.

Ok I take it back... I am gonna type that one more time...

In a resent poll, 70% of the parents questioned said that children do not need discipline.

Do I need to type it a third time? No? Good. As a way of establishing the validity of that poll, let me offer some of Joy's experience down there in what passes for a school.

She is "teaching" a class of four year olds. However, they aren't allowed to discipline these kids at all. The worst of the lot are the twins, children of a cartel family. They're 4, and have never known even the slightest restriction or discipline in their lives. They aren't potty trained. Nothing. They're well dressed little animals.

Dogs raise offspring with better manners.

The school won't discipline the kids, because they are afraid of making the parents mad. Hrm... Sound familiar?

People in south america are poor, because they have no work ethic. They have no ambition. When the left talks of the exploitation of the workers down there... they should perhaps look at the other side of the coin.

Someone is actually trying to give these worthless dogs a chance. Which, judging by their history, is far more than they deserve, and their culture, is far more than they deserve. If anyone is being exploited, its the companies. They'd be better off just burning the money.

You know what you get from "investing" in South America? Its simple. Take a years wages, burn it... then urinate all over the ashes.

These people have gone out of their way to create their very own little hell on earth. Fine. Let them have it.

The problem is, if you look at south america... what you'll see is a perect reflection of the future of America, were it to be turned over to the nutcase left.

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