Thursday, October 14, 2004

More Vices!

If my wine fetish suprised you, I'm sure my tobacco fetish will not. I love cigars. I love pipes. I don't really get into the debate on light vs dark and stuff... like my wine preferences, I like different cigars at different times depending on my mood. Sometimes I like dark, sometimes light. Cigars are like women... once you reach a certain standard, they are all just different flavors of delicious.

I confess, I'm a whore. I'll try almost any cigar that isn't "flavored" or decorated with a white tip.

Recently I've tried Excaliber and Onyx, and I can honestly call them incredible. Punch is still trendy, but I believe over-rated.

Pipe smoke is pretty tricky. It varies so much from store to store. I know its good when I taste it... that's about all I can say about it though. On pipes, the shocking thing to me is that cheap corncob pipes smoke so well. Who knew?

How about it boys and girls? Favorite cigars? Anyone else smoke a pipe?

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