Thursday, October 07, 2004

An Old Favorite

This old boy dies and finds himself at the Pearly Gates. Pete says howdy, shakes his hand, and commences to givin' him the grand tour.

As the two are chit chattin' and strollin' down a pretty gold paved road they pass a church. It's pretty wild in there. Folks wootin' and carryin' on. Fella says, "Pete, who's in there?"

"Oh.. Those are the Pentacostals. They sure have a big time."

So they head on down the road aways and pass another Church. "Who's in there Pete?"


After passing several more churches, that he learned were the Baptists, Catholics, and Episcaple, Pete stopped him and said, "Now you have to be real quiet. We have to sneak by these folks."

"Why Pete?"

"That's the Church of Christ. They think they're the only ones here and we don't want to disappoint 'em."

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