Monday, October 18, 2004

Gun Shopping

Well... We did go shootin' yesterday. Julie's .40 jammed 4 times in the first 14 rounds. You can imagine that she was not happy. I'm sure it's a break-in issue, even still... when your wife says she want's a new gun, you keep your trap shut and buy her one.

The plan is of course to take her to one of the largest gun shops in the country. I've told her to try everything... and that she can have absolutely anything she wants.

See? I am a good husband.

She's asked for my suggestions, and these are what we're leaning toward for now:

Kimber Ultra-Carry
Springfield 1911-A1 Micro-Compact
Beretta 9000s
Glock 36

Now... The Glock is clearly the sissy pistol in that group, but when a group of four starts off with the words "Kimber" and "Springfield" well... a lot of guns would be reduced to sissy-pistol status.

The 1911s have single stack mags, making them slimmer than most weapons. They both conceal very well. They rock. No question about it.

The Beretta 9000s is a solid little carry gun. Joy carries it, so she and Julie would match. Obviously Joy is pulling for this one.

As for the Glock, Julie shot her dad's glocks and loved them. That's what matters.

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